Howdy! I’m David – a Content Developer and Photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. 

About Me

Professionally: a content developer with a background in AdTech. I also love photography, coffee, and tacos. 

I am a writer and content developer living in Denver. 

For years I worked in the world of advertising technology and digital marketing. Now I believe in creating Content For The Greater Good.

I work with brands and companies on a freelance basis to help develop great, versatile content without breaking the bank. 

I also have this thing where I really enjoy taking, editing, and publishing photos.

If you’d like to get in touch with me and collaborate on something amazing, drop me a line.

Looking to work in a professional capacity? Check out my work and shoot me an email.


What I Do

I write. I shoot. I edit. And I’m always hungry for more. If it helps tell a story, I probably want something to do with it. 

Copy & Content

From product descriptions to entire editorial campaigns, I believe content has the power to change change minds and enable people. 


From portrait sessions to product shoots – I aim to bring out the story behind the subject in everything I shoot. I am also available for event, travel, and food photography.


I am always looking to work with people to flesh out their next big idea. Get in touch! Let’s make something. 

Book Development

I have collaborated with authors across the spectrum to bring their ideas to book form. From outlines to ghostwriting to final edits, I can help with any stage of bringing your book to your readers. 

Ad Tech & Sales Ops

On a consult basis, I have worked with several clients to develop their sales teams and build more complete ad stacks for online monetization. 

Get in Touch



Stalk me or just say a hi!