10 Ways You Can Actually Help That Creator You Love

I recently posted a big long thing a few days ago about how the model for online advertising – as it pertains to quality creators.

I suggested at the end of it that we, as consumers, should take up arms to support our favorite creators. Right now, every creator you know of is probably doing something not related to their art in order to pay the bills. It probably involves a desk and an HR agreement. While buying a print or subscribing to their Instagram may not give them financial freedom, it does give them a reason to keep making.

Sometimes, just a little nudge is all someone needs to go on to do something amazing. Oftentimes, so many of us don’t have that nudge from within.

Creators shouldn’t be relying on advertising or selling their soul. They should be relying on the people who love what they do.

Here is a quick and dirty list of all the ways you can help your favorite creators.

  1. Find the ones you love and make a commitment to do more for them. Casting a wide net and just “kinda liking” everything is a good start. Eventually, it is worth getting a taste for the deep cuts and the rare releases, the one of a kinds and the limited runs.
  2. Don’t just follow, share. You have no idea who in your networks might be their next biggest fan. No point in standing in the way of that. Retweet what they share. Put it on Facebook. With all the garbage content flooding the world, be the person who floats something good out there.
  3. Buy their book(s). Pre-order their next one. Preorder the first book your favorite writer puts up on Amazon because preorders are EVERYTHING for a first time author.
  4. Did you already buy their book? Buy it again and gift it to someone who would get something out of it. Same goes with prints, music albums, t-shirts, and so on.
  5. Attach a payment method to your Patreon and put up a little something. You can always just chip in a buck a month and that adds up!
  6. Discover on Spotify or Pandora, but make a point to listen to them absolutely anywhere else. Grab their record in a physical form. Get yourself a turntable and tuner again. Or  a CD Player? Follow them on Bandcamp and throw down a few bucks on their special releases. See them at their show when they come into town. For the most part, musicians will never make the $8 they net from selling you a record on Spotify (who pays an average  $0.0038 per stream).
  7. Find your area’s First Friday (or Final Friday, Third Thursday, Art Walk, etc). Share everything you see on Snapchat or InstaStories or Twitter or whatever. Tag it up. If you see something you really love and it’s speaking all of your languages, buy it. If you can’t afford the featured $1000 piece hanging on the wall, then go for the $10 print in the bin.
  8. Frame that $10 print. Use a Sharpie Silver Metallic pen to write the artist’s handle (it is always @something) directly on the frame and hang it somewhere in your home/office that guests will see it and ask about it.
  9. Be the megaphone. Ask them, directly and in a public forum, when there next release is. Maybe it is a show or a run of prints or something that will get more eyeballs interested in what they are doing.
  10. Every creator wants to engage with an audience somehow. They have likely made something just FOR YOU. Figure out what it is, love it.


Go forth, share the love. It is up to each and every one of us to support creators we love so they can keep creating what they love for us.

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