2620 Walnut St.

A decade ago there was a blog called Denver Six Shooter. The premise was easy: go to six bars in a night, write it up, they’d cover your tab. That night was a long, long ago. I doubt we ever actually got paid for it. The blog eventually packed up shop, the domain got picked up by someone else, and I think the content was ultimately listed somewhere in the bowels of a Huffington Post account.

In those days, it was nearly impossible to find six bars around Larimer that were open on a Wednesday night. We started at 20th and Larimer with Scruffy’s and we might have ended out at Bar Bar drinking with Denver’s homeless. Somewhere in the middle of all that was Casselman’s – not so much of a bar as an event space that happened to stock booze. Sometimes they had music. We were invited to leave after a few drinks since the owner might have only left the door unlocked so that something illicit could be dropped off.

The neighborhood stayed like that for a few years after that. Larimer went from a one-way avenue to a two-lane street and everything more or less blew up. Casselman’s shut down and the space bought out, built up by one of those big, out of town breweries you think you’ve heard of. All the beer is the same.

It used to be that you could hit the bar around here in the late afternoons, the bartender’s attention and conversations were entirely on you. You drank a bit to wear off the day, enough to relax you before you set off with whatever the night had in store.

I’m not sure where all these kids showed up from, or how they can afford to drink the way they do. Maybe I’m just getting old. Maybe it is time to move on a bit.

David Pennington
David Pennington

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