Writer. Editor. Copywriter.

When it comes to the written word, I don’t mess around.


For over a decade I have worked with all manner of companies, brands, and individuals with the express goal of improving the story they were telling through the copy they were using to tell it

This experience hasn’t always been pretty, or pleasant, but it has remained professional.

I have written for lifestyle blogs of every variety, created website copy for professional real-estate companies, and produced fine product content for e-commerce websites selling everything from supplements and ugly shoes to fifty thousand dollar watches and life-saving hydration systems. I’ve seen it all.

I have assisted over a dozen authors in the laborious, tear-jerking act of delivering their book babies into the world. From structure to formatting to ghostwriting and line editing – I held their sweaty hand through all of it.

I have written copy and content for brands and products you love, and likely a few you hate.

It has gotten to a point where I think clients seek out my work because they know I’m not much for ceremony. I don’t want to throw around words like “trailblazer” or anything, but the path we end up on gets us somewhere unexpected and different.

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David’s been an incredibly valuable writer for Indeed’s SEO content needs in the SMB employer space. With his help, our authority in producing high-quality educational pieces for our SMB audience has increased and we have the data that supports it. David can also adapt on-the-fly to the many process changes we throw at him with complete ease, which is a skill that many that I’ve worked with just don’t have. I highly recommend David for any writing needs (though selfishly want to keep him available enough for future Indeed projects).

-Michael Vilaythong, Indeed.com


Dave has become a very valuable writer for my agency, passing all criteria we rate writers by with flying colors. It’s been a joy to work with him, as he’s very flexible with taking on work while maintaining the quality our clients require. His communication skills are excellent, and we’re proud to call him our current MVP of freelancers. We hope to continue working with him for the foreseeable future!

-Julia Scavicchio, Gen3 Marketing


Last year I hired David for a small copywriting project. I gained a new client because his work helped set me apart from other agents. I was so happy with his writing and quality of work that I hired him again! David is able to capture my voice and personality while elevating my projects to a professional level. He listens to the client, then delivers above and beyond. Highly recommended!

-Jennie Richau, Cake Realty


David came on board to help organize and edit our content as wellas push for more and better writers and writing. His help impactedthe company immediately and has continued to do so in greatways.

-PJ Hoberman, Denver Off The Wagon


This year, I hired Dave to edit my first two books and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. One of the publishers even came back and said, “Wow – this is the cleanest manuscript we’ve seen in ages!” Dave’s great not only with general copyediting but also with helping you identify where things aren’t working and helping you elevate your writing beyond the cliché. He’s fast, accurate, and yes – I’ll be hiring him again.

-Erika Napoletano, Author


David is a delight to work with. Very bright, funny, and on time. He writes with flair and originality and can turn anything into a good story. I whole heartedly recommend David and look forward to working with him again.

-Julie Taylor, Author




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