I have been working with the written word for over a decade. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it all.

In that time I have written for lifestyle blogs, professional real estate companies, and for e-commerce websites selling the ugliest shoes you have ever seen.

I’ve assisted over a dozen different authors in carrying their book babies over the finish line – from structure and format to ghostwriting to line editing.

There was a year where I worked as the content manager and editorial direction for two different award-winning blogs.

I have written copy and content for brands and products you love and hate.

It has gotten to a point where I think clients seek out my work because they know I’m not much for ceremony. I don’t want to throw around words like “trailblazer” or anything, but the path we end up on gets us somewhere unexpected and different.

Know who loves the unexpected and different? Your customers.

They’re bored. Let’s do something insane. I promise you’ll love it. I can give you Jenni’s number, she’ll tell you what it was like.