An avalanche of notes

Lately, one idea has been spawning five. And another five from those. Like a gnarly tree with no purpose in this world outside of growing as fast and gnarly as possible.

They, the ideas, they come fast and all at once and never when I’m ready for them. Imagine what you think when you are standing in the shower – now imagine you are in the shower all of the time.

When I did my 365 project – a self portrait every day for a year – the creation of one photo led to the composition of many. I had no where to put them all.

I journal every morning and I need to keep an auxiliary notebook on hand to write down all the other stuff that comes up.

When I’m in line at the grocery store I jot stuff into Keep. Maybe I’ll open up a card in Trello. I’ve been known to text myself things or to commandeer napkins from the bar after the third cocktail. I have a dozen different places to keep lists.

The internet isn’t shy about ways to organize problems like these.

But they sit strewn across a half dozen notebooks, in apps with a chaotic tagging structure. Whatever is left to ferment usually rises to the top and gets posted in this blog.

I should conquer this. But there are so many other things I have promised to do and I have notes on all of them. Perhaps I’ll start another list.