The summer went quick, because we let it. Somewhere in the middle of it during yet another 100 degree day, as we were negotiating steering wheels that had been left out in the sun and failing air conditioners, we thought ahead to the season of pumpkin spice. The days of snow and of joints going stiff in the cold.


With my most recent photo project for August – #Squarescapes – I’ve definitely noticed more things hiding off the beaten path, and I’m working on new ways of capturing them.

8/31 #squarescape – Too damn lush for August – the bushes are sprouting bikes. #denver #cowx #heynext #bike #bicycle

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It is the day after Labor Day, well into September. It wont break 80 degrees today even though our sun is mostly hidden by the smoke. We managed to get away for one last trip into the mountains to camp out for a few nights. There, the night time temps dove into the high 30s. The sunsets were perfect, the mornings were frosted. If you waited long enough, everything got quiet.

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