Bonfire Brewing Block Party

Here is Eagle. The weekend is here. They want it to be a block party, but two stages make for a festival. Sell more than 100 kegs and it’s a festival.

In line for a beer (there is always a line for beer) an Eagle local of over 20 years tells me how much he loves it here with an enormous smile on his face. Lately, though, he stopped telling people how great it is to live here.

Too many people are moving in around here, he says. Just look at this crowd, he says.

I tell him that’s sort of the problem with everywhere. To many people are moving there. No one is a local anymore, everyone is looking for a home.

He has the kind if skin of a person who is on the river 10 hours a day. He probably gets paid to help visitors catch fish, and when that doesn’t happen he probably tells them to embrace the beauty of the red cliffs. Admittedly, there is a fantastic river running through this greater valley.

The brewery block party inevitably becomes a festival. The artists on stage get too big to ignore for the low price of the ticket. The only barrier is a mountain pass and finding a place to stay. The weather is always nice through here, you could probably just sleep on the ground.