I used to spend upwards of $300 a month on various memberships with the idea that I would somehow get healthy. In those days, my goal was to work up to a 500 lb. Deadlift.

I hit 300 when my knees decided they had enough.

Today’s gym is the local rec center. It’s $18 a month and a location is a block from my house. All of the equipment has seen vastly better days, nothing is ever put away correctly, but it’s usually empty and fine enough to sneak in a quick lift.

Some people will meditate or go for a walk or play a video game – just something to break up a day, find the focus, finish things out. Lately, I’ve been keen on doing a deadlift. Just one. As heavy as I can make it.

Safely picking up something heavy requires removing a lot of other crap.

I’m not thinking about work or reports.

I’m not thinking about writing or stories.

I’m not thinking about anything other than keeping core tight, back straight.

Up, down.