Eat At Dave's - Content For The Greater Good

Eat At Dave’s is my content development studio based in Denver, Colorado.

Throughout the years I have worked extensively with a selection of clients to create unique content featuring creative copy and photography to tell better stories.

I believe in creating Content for the Greater Good. 

The world is a vast place where anything can be, and is, bought and sold without much thought.

I believe beautiful, popular content doesn’t need to be shallow.

I believe deep, heavy-thinking content doesn’t need to be ugly.

I believe companies, brands, and people should strive to create content that does more than just sell products or ideas. Instead, they should inspire their audience to move towards something greater.

Most importantly, I know everyone can create content that aspires to be better. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of getting the right help at the right time.

The best part about working with any client is discovering what we can do together to find out their needs. The next best part is executing on the discovery and developing something truly great that expands their brand, deepens connections with their audience, and pushes them forward to the next great thing.

Primary Services:

Content Development – Writing copy for print and online, curating brand relevant content, content management systems.

Copy Editing & Manuscript Preparation – From print to digital, I’ve worked with other authors and writers to bring their work through the final stages before final stages before submission to agents, editors, or the ebook marketplace. From line and copy edits to formatting for e-readers, my goal is to have the final product as close to perfect before market.

Ghostwriting – For when the words in your head might not look right on the page, there’s ghostwriting. I work with clients to assist in outlining, drafting, and developing white papers, blog posts, article submissions, biographies, textbooks, and more.