Experimentation With Subscription Models

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So, I opened up a Patreon Page.

It is not an essential thing. I will not beg you to back me on anything or pledge support. This is not one of those things where I will lose my house and spend the rest of my days eating cat food if I don’t make my goals.

All things considered, I’m fine. No complaints here. However, I’d love it if you joined up and showed your support. If you like what I do or who I am or are interested in watching me fail spectacularly, here’s your chance to do it.

A while ago I started holding myself accountable by sending out an email each week to a small group of people showing the most recent creative output. Patreon is how I am taking that accountability to the next level.

Here’s why:

  • Months ago I wrote a bit about how it was Time To Subscribe and I doubled down by actively supporting creators I loved. Then a few of my readers asked where they could do the same.
  • I have a lot of ideas that I want to try out. It’s going to take a bit of scratch to get them going. I’m making them specifically to share.
  • I wanted a way to separate my “followers” from the “true fans.” It is easy to write something and share it with the entire world and watch nothing happen to it. I want to create stuff for a very dedicated audience, Patreon helps me decide who that audience is and create stuff we will both love.

I’m going into print. I’ll explain why in a future post. Print – on paper, on stock. In full color. Packaged up and shipped in a way you can hold it in your hand. And that’s just part of what I’m aiming to deliver. I have the next 6 issues mapped out and would like to deliver them quarterly. the more people I know are on board, the faster I can get them out. I’d love to see this get to at least 12 issues – however long that takes.

And, like everything I do, this is a grand experiment. I’d love it if you came to watch.