Extraordinary Love – Erika Wennerstrom

Even with the outright exhausting weekend spent traveling, we managed to find the resolve to wander down the street to Globe Hall to see the last show of Erika Wennerstrom’s tour. We had seen her previously, at the same venue, earlier this year and loved the show. Now, later in the tour, she was experimenting with new songs that had just been written and throwing at few Heartless Bastards covers in the mix – she figures that’s why most people showed up to see her in the first place.

I stole this from somewhere.

A longtime fan of Heartless, it was rather odd to hear Erika’s voice on NPR leading up to the launch of her first solo effort, an album called Extraordinary Love. All the markers of a Wennerstrom album are there – the voice that is equal parts haunting and striking, the spacey guitar rifts. Yet, this album carries that all-out-jam that tends to follow artists around after they have spent a bit of time in the jungle.

Sonically, lyrically, whatever, this album is worth its salt and earns a place on the regular rotation. It’s not going to be winning awards or topping charts, Extraordinary Love might not stand as the decade’s definitive album. Rather, the little slice of blue that the cover art gives your stack of records serves as one thing: a reminder of what the album is all about and what we should all be for: giving ourselves a break.

Things are rough, take it easy. It’s good to be alone. It’s not me, it’s you.


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David Pennington

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