June settled in like a tipped over can of glue – it was never meant to move far or fast, and the longer it went on the more stagnant everything felt. The more the city warms, the more restless I get. The cooling, afternoon storms are few and far between, there is no relief of an open window. As I drive to appointments and interviews I get this nagging feeling like I just shouldn’t be here.¬†I have no idea where this feeling keeps coming from but it grows a little stronger each day.



RINO keeps the steady build up – old warehouses come down, new condos and apartments go up. By Friday I’m not entirely sure what had existed on certain blocks that previous Monday.


Extra Fine Grain. The stuff of legends.

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There is some reprieve found in small rooms with good company. No longer is it enough to say “support local business.” There are a lot of businesses – local and otherwise – but now it is a question of why we support who we support. To look at a building and the patrons and the people behind the counter – all of it is a gentle equation asking, ultimately, “why?”

It is a startling sight, really. The road wraps the mountainside and around the bend this giant bridge just appears. A manmade monstrosity of clean lines and engineered curves rising hundreds of feet above the valley floor. One purpose: to tie together the highway from north to south and bring together the communities and make this part of the state a little more accessible to hikers, to campers, to anglers and weekend drivers. I've been re-reading Edward Abbey's "Desert Solitaire." If he were in charge, this bridge wouldn't exist. Neither would the roads around it. To him, this area would be untouched and pristine and only accessible if you could manage to get their on foot. I understand the sentiment, but without this kind of access we would all just die in the heat and noise of the city. Then again, maybe that's the point. . . . . . #rivers #repyourwater #coloradotography #miirmoments #edwardabbey #weekendwarriors #instaoftheday #photooftheday #nikon #coloradogram #dnvrite

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So I pack up for a few days and roll into the mountains with a handful of people in tow. We try to enjoy ourselves among the sticky throngs of people who pile into town for the Go Pro Games – which proves exhausting and discouraging. Some folks return to the city. I lace up my fly rod and explore a few of the creeks that have whittled their way to the bottoms of the valleys.


This is ultimately what I’m looking for – something silent and cool. I can barely hear a car or two as it passes on the highway over the ridge. There is little to describe feeling the cold mountain stream wrap itself in a cold hug around the legs of my waders. It is a calm wonder where the only real anxiety knows that eventually I’ll have to throw everything into the bed of the truck and sit with the traffic back to the city to a Monday, to a place where we all have conversations with people who have priorities far different than my own.

Somewhere around my birthday I had a small mental lapse that ultimately resulted in ceasing to share. To get means to give and the equation had fallen entirely out of balance. So, I stopped. No postings or responses. No checking in through infinite scrolls. I had to take the time to clean up the kitchen before I was forced to burn it to the ground. It was an excellent way to find pause, assess what I wanted to be doing/making, and restart again.


Month In Pictures is my monthly series to reflect on what I had been shooting and sharing in the previous month. I’ve always used photos and Instagram as a way to casually journal. You can see previous months’ posts here and you can check out more of my photo projects here.