Let’s Not Forget To Enjoy This

I read a passage out of an essay collection by Michael Chabon earlier this week. The essay is a grand thinking on something I think a lot of writers forget about: we should probably fucking enjoy this.

I write a lot on Medium.com. I know why I go there. I have no idea why others do.

Maybe it’s boredom. Maybe it is the promise of accidentally coming across a groundbreaking and amazing batch of thinking. Maybe someone is looking to be entertained.

We are currently in a generation of writers who are learning to write from what they read on the internet. I’m not much for the science, but I’m sure it is ruining things. A hundred million list articles that aren’t written to dispel anything meaningful but because someone said they would convert better. To be a writer in the online space is vastly different than to write anywhere else. Everyone is a professional. Everyone is top of their field, the authority, and it is vital to dispense all of the information. Since when did everyone think they had the duty to be so inspiring?

To be a writer today is to be influential and informative. This makes for an outrageously dull reading experience. To be a writer of any sort should be entertainment first. Scripting things out with a pen or rattling around keys on a board should be fun. That energy should go into whatever the hell is being written. A reader should be engaged and reading because they are enjoying themselves, not because they hope a life-altering truth is buried within the last paragraph of a blog post (spoiler alert, it never ever is).

Call me a cynic, but I feel like we could do better.

Hell, I feel like I could do better.