Lime: A Totally Expected Update

Sure, I was initially thrilled about the launch of Lime Scooters in Denver. I am also 100% not surprised that the city put a kaibosh on the rollout 10 days after it started.

Everyone claims they are working out a way to regulate dockless scooter systems. I’d pass out if I held my breath on that one.

The launch of Lime was met with a mix of “Oh, this is cool” and “Ah, geeze, not HERE too.” The launch then dwindled to a week of trying to find one of the damn things with enough charge in it to take me somewhere. Anyway, it’s over and done now.

How swiftly the city moves to shut down something when they aren’t getting a piece of the action. Or I guess we could call it “public safety.” While it would be so easy to blame this on the various departments of public works, I feel like it is our own fault we can’t have new and interesting things.

The Lime/Bird experiment revealed a few things:

There is a considerable percentage of the population who will destroy things just for the sake of destroying them.

Offhand – yes, those who dump a scooter into the water. Also: those who smoke in Car2Gos and leave empty cans in the cupholders. While I’m not thrilled with the people who dump used couches in the alleyways, I’ll never understand the others who slash the upholstery and have the stuffing blow around the hoods.

There is a considerable percentage of the population who feel they are totally helpless when it comes to taking initiative on benefiting anything of the public.

These folks will never pick up litter that doesn’t belong to them, right a trash can, report a water leak. I imagine these are the same people who will snapchat a car wreck they saw happen instead of calling they police.

A city is a huge collection of people governed by a handful of individuals. As a result, personal accountability tends to go out of the window.

Not only do we pass the buck, but we also get upset at what the next person spends that buck on.

“Or We Can Just Drive” is still an option.

I’ve been thinking about “The Last Mile” a lot – that gap between the front door and the nearest public transit. I’m supremely lucky that I have a lot of option where I live. But if the new Denver Public Works director really wants to increase public transit rider ship, I feel like there should be just as many options for people who have that “last mile” issue. When someone can’t make that single mile, they will use another means (like a personal car, Lyft, etc.) to make the whole trip. There will always be some need for a car (how else do I get to go fishing?), but the city needs something to relieve the traffic pressure. I thought Lime might have been it.

Fortunately, you can buy one of those scooters for $500 on Amazon.


Photo Credit: dnredit

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