I used to think all kinds of things were interesting. These were back in the collegiate days when I’d intentionally browse libraries and newspapers and have conversations with people in classrooms on topics that are, in the end, bullshit. Good ideas, but functionally bullshit.

With every chapter read was a handful of notes of things that I wanted to discuss at the next session we all met at. I didn’t know anyone else who took the class outside of those classroom hours. There was no chance of sharing on feeds or texting or emailing. The conversation we had always stood in hiatus in the days or weeks between our meeting.

I feel like it all dried up and everyone and everything got infinitely less interesting (myself included) right about the time that we started to get social. Also, this was right about the time the bottoms fell off of web
The bottomless feed of content is the natural progression from the 24-hour news cycle that trapped our grandparents in their later years.

A bottomless bowl is a horrible idea when there are only 24 hours in a day. Finding the bottom of a feed means that we have found a way to an end and have a reason to move on to the very next thing.

Sharing means we are adding to the bottomlessness of the bowl. Sharing something interesting at least gives something to grab onto, even though it is much easier just to keep sliding -scrolling – to the bottom.

Finding an end to a story, even if it is just a temporary one, gives us time to process the information we are presented with. It’s hard to come up with your thoughts and perceptions of something if more of the same is piled on top of it.

Sleep on it, then take the next dose sometime in the morning.