About This

Copywriting. Storytelling. Wordsmithing.

In short, I still think “content” is a rather dirty word. Until we collectively decide on something else, I guess that’ll be what this is.

My name is David, I live in Denver with my wife and our two dogs.

2016 I was shot at. It was a .45 caliber round.

2017 was a lot of refinement.

2018 is a full commitment into working with individuals, brands, and organizations to help create amazing stories through written content and photography.

I believe in Content For the Greater Good.


Born in Texas, but I’ve lived in Denver for the better part of 25 years. Transplants be damned.

Trained in English Language and Literature, a bit of applied Linguistics, and then got off course with a career in Advertising Technology. Everything I do today is a recovery from that particular industry.

For the past decade I have worked professionally with the written word – developing website content for organizations, developing manuscripts for authors with stories to tell, and creating copy for brands with something to sell.



I do not believe we can all be excellent writers. Most of us are meant for less masochistic pursuits and grander aspirations. I do, however, believe we all have a great story to tell. I do believe we are all deserving of those stories.