Content For The Greater Good

The idea is pretty simple:

All content should give the consumer a mild existential crisis.

Right now, this is just an idea. A guiding principle.

When I started writing for the internet, “content” was a dirty word in the writing community. A hundred words for a nickel, usually written by someone with a loose relationship with the language, used as the glue that held the ads on a website together. Most of what was written was for the search engines. The internet was a dark, horrible place.

Not much has changed today.

I make it my goal with each project, each client, each person I work with to create something beyond its basic function. Copy shouldn’t just sell a product, it should stand as its own story. A company should usually be worried about something beyond its bottom line. The internet should find a way to exist without advertising and creators should be supported by collections of patrons.

Investing the bare minimum to make what everyone else is making means looking like the rest of the pack.

Take a moment, stand to the side, create something for the greater good.