Editing & Manuscript Services

“…one of the cleanest manuscripts we’ve ever received.”

-a note passed along from an agent after they submitted my client’s manuscript.

Books are monsters.

Every book, whether being read or written, is a healthy commitment of time.

The writing of a book is a mess of ideas getting tied up in themselves. A beautiful introduction followed by hundreds of pages filled with thousands of opportunities to completely lose your reader. Every book needs at least one additional set of eyes when it is composed.

I have worked with several individuals – from business leaders, medical professionals, and those who consider themselves some degree of “celebrity” – to take their story into book form. From the initial architecture of ideas, ghostwriting entire passages, all the way through the final line edit.

In addition to formatting for the printer, I also work with authors to ensure their ebook editions look great for the screen before submitting to Amazon or iBooks.

So, what’s your story?