Content Development & Product Photography


In the beginning of 2017 I set out to find great brands and products to work with. If I was going to work under the thesis of “Content For The Greater Good” it seemed like a good a place as any to work with brands and organizations that were also doing just that.

I didn’t realize that Miir could have been one of those brands until I was doing the dishes. On the brand new steel coffee mug I had been gifted a “Give Code” was printed on the bottom of the mug. One thing led to another and I was in conversations with Miir as a creative contributor.

The Client:

MiiR is a certified BCorp based out of Seattle which makes and sells high quality goods for the express purpose of funding community-based projects geared towards sustainability and development of resources and education. Their standing goal is to consistently return 5% of their overall revenue back to these projects.


The Need:

Already, Miir has a fantastic story to be told and a great platform it is being told upon. Their next challenge was to show how their product was meant for the every day. Yes, every item sold meant some change was happening with a project inside of a community somewhere. That change doesn’t happen unless the product moves.

My contact at Miir believed strongly in my ideology of Content For The Greater Good and wanted to see what I had and what could be done with it. I came up with the piece Blanks, and took some supporting photos, which was then published on the Miir website and distributed through their email listing.