Photography Showcase


RAW – Verse took place at the City Hall Events Center in Denver, Colorado on May 11th, 2017.

RAW Artists is an international community of creatives across the globe dedicated to putting independent artists on the map. Verse featured over 90 artists across all mediums – visual, mixed media, music, fashion, design, hair/makeup, and more – in a giant showcase attended by thousands.

With RAW I wanted to showcase two things I had been working on in recent weeks. The first was an editing style that I’ve become rather fond of called “dark and stormy.” I’ve been shooting at a little bit of a higher exposure and then pulling back the highlights in editing. The effect can make even a summer’s day look as though thunderstorms are on the horizon.

The second focus was on the subject matter – I wanted to concentrate on the seemingly latent and infinite anxiety that I feel we all have – nature. Both our relationship to it and the general idea that we can somehow control it. There is a saying: “Water always finds a way through.” Whether it is a hailstorm laying waste to a roof or a gentle river carving through sandstone for thousands of years, the essence of life and nature- water – will always return.

As I have been a city dweller most of my life, the relationship I have with nature is mostly a romance. Someone I only see on the weekends, that I have to make time for to sneak away with. Others have more extreme relationships with the natural self. In the end, we all spend our days getting dirty. No matter how hard we try, we can never entirely escape the bonds of the natural world.