Every morning at our house could be the same.

Alarms go off to stir us, but we ignore them for a bit. Getting up and out of bed sets off a routine of blending smoothies, grinding coffee, feeding dogs and a cacophony of other noises to chase off the last feelings of sleep. This routine consists of 12 minutes of focused expending of energy while the wife showers and readies herself for a day at the office.

On weekends, especially

Required Reading

To be a writer, one must first be a reader.

A simple idea often abused.

I find it goes well with the quote:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.”

The very practice of reading is how writers sharpen their axe. The greatest thing I did for myself as a writer was to take a few hours from my day to actively read: books, papers, articles, fellow blogs,

It is time to subscribe.

Nowadays, a fair amount of my attention goes to online advertising. This kind of advertising used to be an image and a link on a website. Sidebar filler. Banners. Maybe a popup.

Then, in an attempt to make online advertising better for a few people, a grand system of codes and servers and referential links were created and now everything is broken all of the time. Usually. For

1,200 photos of the same dog in a thousand different places. In each picture, the dog looks happier than I have ever felt. In each photo, the dog is staged and tagged in a place I will probably never visit. Dogs are amazing. I have two. But a celebrity dog usually means expendable income for their owner – like a pageant mother running their child all over town – so I unfollow the dog. I unfollow all of them.


I recently posted a big long thing a few days ago about how the model for online advertising – as it pertains to quality creators.

I suggested at the end of it that we, as consumers, should take up arms to support our favorite creators. Right now, every creator you know of is probably doing something not related to their art in order to pay the bills. It probably involves a desk and an