The Great Big Something

The goal has always been to make something.

I think that’s everyone’s goal. To make something. I think a lot of us fall short when we expand that expectation to make something GRAND – the big “S” Something. We want to turn the whole beach into a sandcastle when most of us should just appreciate the sand between our toes.

Here’s the thing about creating stuff: it is both the residue and the product. If you are spending the time making the right stuff, the machine will be consistently oiled. Right stuff becomes better stuff becomes the Something.

That’s where the journaling habit started. I knew I needed to write, it’s the only thing that has ever made sense. Sitting down with the journals each morning means I’ve at least written something that day. I can go back to bed at that point. Usually, though, the act of moving pen across page produces action. One word produces the next five produces the next hundred.

I sit with three notebooks.

The first is a planner that I use retroactively. I write what happened yesterday. It’s where I get the “did I do enough?” anxiety out of the way.

The second is the straight up journal. What did I dream of, what is on my mind, what are the ambitions? I would say more about this one, but the hole is far too deep and we’d surely get lost down there.

The third is the burner notebook. It gets that name because I burn through one of them every two weeks or so. It goes with me through the day. It absorbs the loose ideas, the one-offs, the grocery lists, the random phone numbers and lyrics to a song I’ll never write.

None of this is necessary. Just small steps on the way to the big Something.