**Coming Soon**

Let’s be real.

You want some decent copy for your website because you need customers.

It had recently come to my attention that a majority of adults in the professional workplace have difficulty writing anything longer than a text message. This would explain a lot of emails I receive and the blogs I’ve read.

Writing isn’t your thing. I get it.

And you can’t afford (or refuse to pay for? tsk tsk) a copywriter worth their salt.

I’m saving everyone time and energy and producing a quick course called the Two-Hour Copywriter.

Yeah, it’s free. Sort of. It’ll cost you an email address.

It is not a masterclass in copywriting. It’s barely a writing course.

You will not be a professional writer of any capacity after this. But you will have what you need to get the copy you need for whatever you need it for.

Website? Product description? Whatever it is, you’re at least covered.

Think of this as the minimum insurance policy you are legally required to keep in order to drive your car. You’re “covered,” you can get where you’re going, but if you really want to be covered in an event, then you should drop me a line.

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