In all the years I have primarily been a freelancer, I usually miss out on the holiday office parties. Turns out, most companies have the kind of holiday party that no one is ever sure what to make of. Either no one wants to attend them, and those who are eager to go are usually there for all the wrong reasons.
It is odd, isn’t it? Dreading over how to behave among all of the coworkers who you had varying stances on throughout the year, but now in a setting that is neither entirely casual nor professional?
Benefit of being the spouse at a thing like this – there is little precedent. Now, it’s just re-attaching faces to the names of all the characters that were in the stories told to me throughout the year.
Last night, everyone wanted to hear more about the time we got shot at while driving the truck. It was a year and a half ago, I guess some still needed closure on my story.
Still, in the years I was employed full time, those holiday parties were always something of a closer for me – here is a whole year, coming to an end. Take a look at all those things we accomplished! Let’s marvel at our revenues! Perhaps we can even hand out some novelty awards!
I’ve never been much for the holidays. Being folded in with the inherent community of an office building at least reminds me that it is December. With all the benefits and freedoms I gain from freelancing, I do miss the energy that comes with a closing year.
Maybe I’ll remember to acknowledge it more. This time, next year.