This Is Not For You

I came across this talk from Cameron Esposito a few weeks ago and I can’t stop thinking about the main point she made:

Art challenges the power, everything else is propaganda.

Jesus, so what the hell am I making?

There are a handful of days out of every month where I feel the nerve to call myself an artist, I try not to say it too loud and usually give off an air of “whateverness” whenever it comes up. Nothing but pure ego over here. Have I actually made something which I can point to and say “this here is my art!”

Looking around this desk, in the stack of physical and digital folders, not so much. For everything, I have said “this is done! Let’s publish it!” High art it is not.

There are a few stories – some complete, some in drafts – which could push this envelope should I ever let them out of the cage. Stories birthed that could inspire, change, kill, maim – but I’ve held back on letting them explore the world beyond my desk. The few stories I have set out for the public to see were gutted, stuffed, posed like a creature after a visit to a taxidermist.

“Here! Experience this animal!” I tell you. Here is the shape of the thing for you to pet, but it is far from dangerous.

There is a wall I wish I could build between friends and audience. On one side are those who want to drink whiskey with me and muse about the entirety of the universe from the stool of a bar and not talk about themes of stories or characters I had created or stories I had told. I love these people dearly, and I wish they loved me enough to not bring up the fact that I make a living at writing.

On the other side, everyone else.

The error of the modern human condition is the desire to share your opinion on what you have seen. Give feedback! Write a review! Show everyone you have a pithy opinion about everything you have been allowed to touch! Sometimes it lands too close to home.

I would love to write you a story. I would hate to talk about it.

David Pennington
David Pennington

Writing would be great if it weren't the only thing I knew how to do. I publish as much as I can, you'll just have to wait for the rest.  

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