In May of this year I started hosting a night a week for Geeks Who Drink at a bar-be-que joint two towns over.

Tonight, the tenure at that BBQ joint ended. A new host will fill my shoes and I will move on to the next venue. Onward and upward, right?

I had initially applied to host for Geeks over a year ago. I had played quiz numerous times over the year and at the end of each night I felt like I could do more of the same. Unfortunately, so did a lot of other people. Waitlisted, for a good long while.

In February, as I was reeling from being laid off and in a constant state of “scramble” at home all day, I got the call back for an audition. Here’s a microphone, here is a room full of 200 people, go nuts. I had four beers in me to steady the nerves just enough to get through it.

A few months later, I was wrapped up in a whole knew kind of scramble. Ensuring I had enough of a grasp on that night’s quiz. Are playlists in order? Entertaining enough? Any surprise pronunciations on deck for the night? Months in, having a regular quiz night did exactly what I needed it to do – a chance to get out of the house a few times a week and face people, exercise my voice, and figure out the next handful of things I wanted to do.

All of it in the mire of trivia. A collection of people sitting around, writing answers for the better part of two hours, with the hope they will win something.

Tonight I talked with a regular who had been in a handful of times during my tenure. He said he visited my venue in particular because the competition was easy and he needed to win in order to afford dinner. Some nights he delivered pizzas. The rest of the time he played trivia and studied full-time to be on Jeopardy. Between rent and student loans, he was broke. But the front end investment for the eventual payout of a TV game show made it all worthwhile for him.

Onward to a new venue, a new crowd, a new batch of jokes and a new stretch of playlists.