The gist: ideas shouldn’t be hoarded.

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As ideas get a little more action, I will give them their own page and link to it. You’re welcome.

The Trash of Tulum. It’s everywhere, so much so that it seems like a normal part of the landscape. It’s the indicator of a town collapsing under the weight of its own popularity. Symbols of consumerist imperialism, the new American overreach.

DINK and the future of consumer hedonism. Dual Income, No Kids, and never needing to worry about a sitter or being home on time or losing sleep over the fact that you have to keep another human being alive.

Buying used books is the absolute antithesis of the subscription model that is destroying everything I love.

New Rule – stop posting links to websites that I am philosophically against (IG, spotify, etc.)

I have spent far too much time thinking about how to manage digital media libraries (music, books, documents, etc). In theory, I don’t need any of it. I reality, I know that my ADHD demands that I keep every scrap of every little thing forever and ever.

Writing words or drawing pictures – both ink on the page, but both are vastly different ways I tell a story. There’s something here. Right?

It feels like there is a universal malaise out there – like we’re all struggling through the thick of it, but now we’re having a different time dealing with it. The struggle is manifesting differently. We’re looking away from the screens and they are doing more outrageous things to get us to go back to them.

Innovation doesn’t happen in a factory setting. It’s not like making cookies or cars. Innovation doesn’t happen at scale. It happens in a messy environment, organic, it doesn’t replicate. Maybe a laboratory?

Bella Baxter should serve as a reminder that it is merely shame that keeps us from exploring the best of the world.

I should really write more about books, ebooks, owning and sharing books, and building libraries. I know there is a TON of stuff out there already, but not MY stuff.

Fire escapes are a love language.

I wish I knew how to fix more stuff.

I am terrible at all things publishing and social media because my ADHD gets in the way of everything.