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  • Notes on the Dead Reckoning

    Notes on the Dead Reckoning

    • Your Apps Are Worthless

      Your Apps Are Worthless

      The more apps I use, the more things I need to tend, the less energy I have to write/ read/ nap/ think/ whatever. Think of it like “app zero.”

    • The Gallery Next Door

      The Gallery Next Door

      Show me what you are. Don’t wait to pick up on a clue of something you think I might like – I’d rather you show me what you’re into. Let…

    • Entertained to the Death of It

      Entertained to the Death of It

      The viewers of Entertainment can’t look away and their bodies rot while they watch TV. Why read a book when you can scroll through Instagram? Why read the history of…

    • All The Good Stuff Is At The Bottom

      All The Good Stuff Is At The Bottom

      “Having to read footnotes resembles having to go downstairs to answer the door while in the midst of making love.”

    • I Won’t Like It

      I Won’t Like It

      It’s not that I think pop culture creates sub-par stuff. It’s how we’re asked to perceive popular culture that steps on the significance it could have. We’re not asking questions…

    • What The Hell Is a Hobby?

      What The Hell Is a Hobby?

      This all reminds me of Parkinson’s Law: work contracts to fit the time you give it. My goal is fairly simple: restrict my “work” to 15 hours a week. Three,…

    A decade ago, in a February, I was standing in knee high grass well before dawn on the side of a two-lane highway miles outside of Te Anau waiting for a ride. It is four in the morning and my body is stuck in that hungover moment where I can’t stomach the idea of eating…