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  • On: Scotch Whisky and Head Colds

    On: Scotch Whisky and Head Colds

    • Tulum Trash

      Tulum Trash

      I had to nose the ATV gently through the gutter that had formed in the middle of the dirt road. I would have raced right through it, but Carly was…

    • Spending 2024 with Infinite Jest – Notes on the first readthrough.

      Spending 2024 with Infinite Jest – Notes on the first readthrough.

      Four months, one reading. And I’m not finished yet! Time to flip this over and see what else it can tell me.

    • Create More Than You Consume. Much More. Exponentially More.

      “It actually makes me feel better knowing you’re not doing so great.” This line comes from one of my friends, but there’s no reason to take offense. As it goes,…

    • Consolidation to Reduce Anxiety

      Too many apps. Too many profiles. Too many inboxes. Not enough of the right attention going to the right places. The joke used to be: the first step to any…

    • I Am Bad at Sharing Ideas

      I came across On Idea Hoarding. Damnit, it’s me. Stop hoarding your best ideas. Just put them out there, immediately. This isn’t a new problem, I just have horrible ways…

    • Half-Baked

      The gist: ideas shouldn’t be hoarded. More info here. As ideas get a little more action, I will give them their own page and link to it. You’re welcome. The…

    Yes, I wanted to go. I had the genetic right to see what this land was all about! I wanted my own pictures of copper stills and peat fields! I wanted to nurse my own hangovers and wash the taste of smoky, peated belches from my mouth with imported Italian espresso and a quick bite…